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Other FAQs and guides

The Dmc Fz One FAQ , although referring to a different Panasonic camera, has information relevant to the FZ10.

CK's Digital Camera Page -- Dr. Ching-Kuang Shene's digital camera page. One of the sections listed is for the FZ10. All kinds of useful information including : collapsible rubber lens hoods, converter lenses (fish-eye, telephoto, wide-angle) and external flash usage. Also some sage advice, such as not using the teleconverter if you can just get closer to the subject anyway!

Lumix FZ-3, FZ-20 (French) -- information about the FZ-20. I cannot read French, but the site looks nice!

Yahoo! FZ3 FAQ -- like the FZ One FAQ, some of the information may be relevant to the FZ10.

Tom Arneberg's FZ20 page


David Fong 2009-09-04