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After the FZ10 (FZ15, FZ20, FZ30...)

Just as the FZ10 is the (partial) successor of the FZ1/2, the FZ10 itself has been superceded. In August 2004, three new models have been announced (FZ3/15/20). The FZ20 has been previewed at dpreview, reviewed at Digital Camera Resource, reviewed at Steve's Digicam and reviewd at Imaging-Resource. In July 2005, the FZ30 was announced.

DPReview FZ20 announcement-- specifications. The FZ20 also has a larger electronic viewfinder display than the FZ10.

Panasonic manual for the FZ3 -- both this link and the one below for the FZ20 discovered by `Gospel' and made known on the dpreview forum, months before the FZ3 and FZ20 were released!

Panasonic manual for the FZ20

DCresource FZ30 review

Steve's digicam FZ30 review

David Fong 2009-09-04