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Albert Sailing Club

Albert Park Lake is just a few kilometres from the centre of Melbourne, and offers sheltered waters to no less than two sailing clubs, as well as a sea-scout unit. The wind can be unpredictable - but usually gentle - at times. Rescue boats are always close at hand!

I learnt to sail on Albert Park Lake, at the Jolly Roger Sailing School, which sadly no longer operate at Albert Park Lake. It is apparantly still possible to hire sailing boats at Albert Park for a few hours on Sunday.

Albert Park is also the venue of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix and numerous sporting clubs including table-tennis, swimming, basketball, golf, soccer and badminton. Despite its heavy degree of urbanization, it used to be a swamp, it was the focus of a vocal 'Save Our Parks' protest when the Grand Prix was planned.

Victoria 125

The New South Wales 125 site. National 125 association

Includes information on how to buy a 125 in Victoria e.g. clever hypertext links with the Trading Post and other newspapers.

The 125 is a two person dinghy, designed in Australia. Twelve and a half feet long, it is supposed to be car-toppable.

The basis of the design originated from the Mirror. The double arrow is an 'M' turned on its side.

Corsair Australia

Corsair Australia website.

Another Australian designed dinghy. I have spent more time in this boat than any other. It can be comfortably sailed by two people, but has plenty of room for three. Pleasantly agile and speedy in moderate winds, it seems to take on water rather quickly, but is not easy to capsize.

The Corsair was available for hire at the Jolly Roger (see above). It is also used as a training boat by other groups, including the Bendigo Yacht Club. I can heartily recommend the Bendigo Yacht club to any short-term visitors (say three to six months) to Bendigo. I have found them very friendly, and they often need an extra person for crew during race days!

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