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Panasonic DMC FZ-10 Rough guide/FAQ

A summary of Panasonic DMC FZ-10 information available on the Internet.

The Panasonic is a four megapixel prosumer digital camera, the first digital camera I have ever owned. It has features similar to an entry-level SLR camera (such as a 'through-the-lens viewfinder', albeit digital, and a manual focus ring), however it is not an SLR camera. Its other outstanding feature is a 420 mm equivalent zoom with optical image stabilization.

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Some of my modest photographs for your perusal! Only a few photographs so far...

Note that some of the photographs in my gallery are not actually my own, but have been submitted by other people for use in the FZ10 rough guide/FAQ. All such instances are clearly labelled.

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Last modified 17th July 2004.