Newton Internet Enabler

Available for Newton Messagepads with Newton OS 2.0 or greater. This basically means MP120s (if upgraded), MP130s or the new eMate 300 and MP200. All new Newtons come with Newton Internet Enabler for free. Current version is 2.0. Version 1.1 also exists, and works on MP120s, although it is not supposed to. Version 2.0 has been released and supports Ethernet, however it will NOT work with the MP120.

Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) is much too bulky to use comfortably with MP120s. However, that is what I was using! NIE is dreadfully slow, and probably more buggy, on a MP120 than on newer Messagepads. One bug is the 'BrokenHDLC', described above.

Newton Internet Enabler is available for free on Apple sites, such as the Australian site.

Here is how I have configured my NIE (v1.1)...

Setup Name : Direct Serial

i.e. not through the modem/phone

Link Protocol : PPP

PPP is superior to SLIP, but SLIP is a simpler standard. In particular, it uses less memory on the Newton side, and so may be a preferred option if you use a MP120.

Phone :

(I don't provide a number, after all, I use direct serial)

User name : newton
Password :

To be frank, I don't know if I set the password, it might not be necessary. I set it to 'taco' when I was using UMS, I set it to `Tacobill' when I decided to use popper/InternetUtils.

Newton IP address : Static
Gateway IP address : Static
Name Server IP address :
Domain :
Login Script :

Nothing at all

Timeout : 60 seconds

Here is how I set up NIE 2.0...

Note that the NIE 2.0's default bps rate is 9600 bps rather than 19200 bps.

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Last modified 26th October 1997.