Provides an SMTP server. SMTP allows the Newton to send mail to the Amiga.

Goes under the bizarre name of IU_14_amitcp.lha in the Aminet collection.

Most of the installation requirements are described in the AmiTCP setup section.

Here is the guts of my StartSMTPd file (which is quite similar to the one provided).

SetEnv SMTPMailDir      INet:Mail/
SetEnv SMTPSpoolDir     INet:MailSpool/
SetEnv SMTPSmarterHost  dummy
SetEnv SMTPRMail        SMTPpost -r
SetEnv SMTPRoute        mx,smtp
SetEnv NodeName         amiga
run amitcp:serv/SMTPd

I had to

setenv NODENAME amiga

for the benefit of `SMTPpost'. `amiga' is the nodename component of the `' domain.

There is also quite a lot of confusing documentation provided within the IU_14_amitcp archive. There is at least one thing you need to do, other than installing the files as suggested. Create a directory 'amitcp:mail', and put the following assigns in the s:User-Startup.

assign uumail: amitcp:mail
assign inet: amitcp:
;END SMTP/POP servers

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Last modified 26th October 1997.