One of at least three (and probably more) POP/SMTP mail client packages for the Newton. The one I am currently using. Available at the Fetch Software site for about fifty U.S. dollars.

New Newton Messagepads come with a reportedly restricted version of Enroute. The full version of Enroute supports package transfer with E-mail through MIME. (Additional note - I now have EnRoute, thanks to my purchase of an MP2000. The mailing of text file works fine. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to mail packages from my Amiga to my Newton yet.)

This is my GoFetch setup (in the Setup directory - under Generic mail setup)

Setup Name : Generic Mail Setup
POP User Name : guest
POP Password : taco
POP server address : amiga
POP return address : newton
SMTP server address : amiga
Real name : David Fong

This is my setup from within the 'GoFetch Mail' program preferences.

Connect Options :  Retrieve unread mail+Retrieve read mail
                  +Show connect slip (all other options turned off)

These settings are partly the result of limitations of the UMSrfc program I used, which does not support UIDL and TOP.

Remaining options are the default.

When connecting - Do request only
Disconnect - immediately
When receiving - Download mail
Skip messages - Don't skip
WHen sending - Specify when
After sending - Delete
File read items in - Unfiled items

User setup

I don't really have any idea how this affects the operation of NIE and GoFetch. I have, in fact, two owner setups. The one that I think counts is the one I choose whenever GoFetch asks for a Owner/Site.

E-mail : newton@amiga.home.org.au
Internet : newton@amiga.home.org.au
GoFetch Mail Setup : Generic mail setup

I actually have another owner setup which contains my real E-mail address. My 'Home' worksite info contains...

Internet Setup : Direct Serial

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Last modified 2nd August 1997.