A PPP (point to point protocol) device driver for Sana-II compliant programs, like AmiTCP.

Unlike the popular amippp (available in Aminet under comm/net/AmiPPP122u.lha), PPP1_45 supports BrokenHDLC. Basically, Newton Internet Enabler 1.0, when running on the MP120 at least, creates broken headers in its packets. The unregistered version PPP1_45 can cope with this by setting the BrokenHDLC flag. This has been mentioned elsewhere when setting up AmiTCP.

Here is my env:sana2/ppp0.config. Of course, the same file is in envarc:sana2/ppp0.config. Note that my serial rate is 19200 bps, I have not successfully used higher rates. The same definition is actually contained in amitcp:db/autointerfaces file and is copied when AmiTCP is started.

serial.device 0 19200 7Wire BADXONXOFF MTU=1500 BROKENHDLC

By the way, I use AmiPPP (registered version) when I connect to my Internet Service Provider, it is somewhat easier to set up.

PPP1_45 is available in Aminet under 'comm/net/PPP1_45.lha'. You can download it from an Australian site by clicking here. PPP1_45 is shareware, a registered version is available.

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Last modified 3rd August 1997.