Newton to Amiga with TCP/IP

This is only one of several possible set-ups (I think!).

The aim is to set up a 'two-machine' network between just an Amiga and a Newton. This allows transfer of information e.g. text files, between Newton and Amiga. In addition, Newton mail packages such as GoFetch and Enroute either have, or promise to have, abilities to transfer other Newton data, and packages!, via MIME encoding.

The advantage is to provide mail communication between Newton and Amiga which should be generalizable to a wide variety of systems. Enroute and later GoFetch (probably) support transfer of packages via e-mail. If you set up the Amiga as an HTTP server, you could use Newtscape to download packages to the Newton (untested by myself).

The disadvantage is that Newton Internet Enabler (which allows TCP/IP communication on the Newton) is horrendously slow on older Newtons (pre MP-2000).

It should be possible to use the Amiga as a gateway for the Newton to the Internet, but I have no interest in doing that, I might as well hook up the Newton direct!

The following long description shows what my current configuration looks like. Much of this configuration was automatically set up by the relevant programs by running their installation scrip.

I suggest you install the programs yourself, and use their installation script. It might help to read this file first, so you get some idea of what the configuration looks like when finished. After installation, you might want to look at this file again, in case your set-up does not work and you want to know what modifications you might have to do.

Amiga side

I used to use UMS as my mail server (POP/SMTP). Unfortunately, it doesn't work with EnRoute (a mail client for the Newton). I now use InternetUtils and Popper.


Newton side

I used to use GoFetch, but I now use EnRoute, which comes free with the Newton. EnRoute supports mailing of packages, which allows Amigans to install packages to the Newton.

Software you need...

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Last modified 25th April 1998.