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Arizona Macintosh User's Group

Pointer to a Mac User's site, which has an excellent web page dedicated to Newton users.

The Newton has an excellent range of software now available. With the release of the new operating system (2.0) there have been significant speed enhancements and marked improvement in handwriting recognition. I can personally vouch for this!

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The latest Newtons use faster processors (160MHz StrongARM, about ten times faster than the original ARM610), and a lot more Dynamic RAM, up to four megabytes. The original Newtons had less than 512K Dynamic RAM.

The Newton design philosophy is absolutely fantastic. It is possible to patch other people's programs with NewtonScript, a highly object oriented BASIC-like language. The only defects would appear to be a slightly less than fully-fledged implentation of pre-emptive multitasking, rather like MacOS System 7.5.

Weekly Software Digest

At last! A weekly listing of new software added to the (usually shareware/freeware) Newton Internet archives. Compiled by Ian Robinson.

Steve Weyer's home page

Creator of extremely useful Newton development applications.

Just a picture! `Newt' is the cheapest NewtonScript development environment available.

It is supported by an active newslist, to which Steve writes extensively.

He has also has written `Newtscape', a web page interpreter AND NewtonBook maker. Quite an achievement.
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Serg Koren's home page

Creator of VisualNewt, a graphical user interface design aid for Newt (or any other Newton development application). His site also has plenty of other products, such as an NNTP news reader.

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Link to HKNUG

Hong Kong Newton User's Group

A very polished Newton site. Learn how to use Chinese characters on your Newton!

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Connecting the Newton to the Amiga

Apple released no software to enable connection between a Newton and an Amiga. This has made life difficult for Amigans, but not impossible.

The options are...

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Last modified 17th August 1999.