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Virtual Hospital

Great educational material for trainee doctors. Written in HTML, includes graphics. Basic educational information, and many case studies.
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Another wonderful educational source for doctors. Lots of updates designed to keep one abreast of the latest news. Australian doctors (general practitioners, physicians and psychistrists) should look at MedEServ, which is a fantastic source of online CME/CPD (continuing medical education and professional development), including 'Group 1' RACGP points and online education forums.

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Health Report

Transcripts of the ABC radio program discussing health issues, with an Australian focus. Hosted by Dr. Norman Swan.

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Makers of Medical Extensions, turns the Notepad application of the Newton into a patient database!

New version features compatibility with Newton OS 2.0.

Link to GnuMED website GnuMED

The medical practice I work at uses an electronic health record system named Medical Director 3 (MD3). MD3 is the most widely used general practice software in  Australia, partly because it used to be the cheapest. Now that the government has effectively banned in-software advertisements for medications (and so abolishing a major source of revenue for MD3's owners), this situation might change in future. In favour of MD3's continued dominance is its already impressive market-share. Many third party add-ons work with MD3, simply because MD3 is so popular in Australia.

Ideally, electronic records systems should be open and free. Like Vista, used by the American Department of Defence. At the moment Vista is too big and cumbersome to be used by small primary care practices.  After all, it is expected that an 'army' of computer technicians will be supporting a Vista installation!

In the meantime, keep an eye on GnuMed, which is slowly but surely becoming an increasingly capable electronic health record system for general practice.

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Last modified 24th June 2009.