Amiga sites

  • HTML-Heaven - write HTML with any Amiga text editor.
  • AWeb - a reliable Web Browser for the Amiga.
  • ShapeShifter - emulates a Macintosh on the Amiga!
  • Some of my own programs or ports : pltotf (for TeX), hbf2gf (for TeX), PSutils


Newton sites

Apple have now pulled the plug on the Newton. A sad end for one of the most innovative computers ever made...which after many years had finally become good enough to use.

  • AMUG home page- great Newton web site.
  • Physix - Houseman program for the Newton. See Medicine
  • Newton Medical page - see Medicine
  • Steve Weyer's page - Newton development programs.
  • Using the Newton with the Amiga - TCP/IP, and an Amigan package installer!!!Just a picture!


TeX sites

  • CTAN sites
  • PasTeX - a free implementation of an extremely good desktop-publishing program.
  • PltoTF, hbf2gf - versions compiled for the Amiga. See Amiga
  • LyX - 'what you see is what you mean' - easy to use LaTeX-based word-processor.
SuSE update notes link

Linux notes, especially openSuSE Linux

A well-supported (for the home-level consumer) and stable edition of Linux. One of the first Linux distributions to be made available on DVD, so just about any software you can imagine comes on just one disk! 

Sometimes updating from one version of an operating system to another can be painstaking and frustrating. Strangely enough, the same issues often recur whenever the operating system is updated. The SuSE manuals have a lot of update information, but I have documented some of my experiences below.

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Last modified 26th January 2011.