Here is what I have found of interest so far...

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Reformed theology! - Many documents discussing reformed theology and links to other sites.

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Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Numerous electronic versions of christian texts.

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Crosswire - Freely distributable Christian text reader (mainly bibles and commentaries) for multiple computer platforms including Linux. I myself use JSword, also known as Bible Desktop, and Bibletime. I particularly like JSword's daily bible-reading plan `OT1NT2'.

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3:16 Bible Texts illuminated, a book by well-known computer scientist Donald E. Knuth studying in reasonable detail the sixteenth verse of the third chapter of the books in the Bible. Beautifully illustrated ('illuminated') by calligraphers such as Hermann Zapf (who illustrated the John 3:16 verse illustrated to the left), Professor Knuth provides an overview of theological research, as well as his own thoughts, about each verse.

I also found the account of his creation of this book in Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About (also available through Amazon, and reminding me quite strongly of Medawar's "Advice to a Young Scientist", though covering different subject matter) very interesting, both as a description of his journey in faith and also through his bible study tools. In particular, some of the tools he used, such as Strong's Greek and Hebrew concordances (available in CrossWire) and the Pulpit Commentary, are now quite cheap and easy to use in this digital age.

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Bibleverse - an attractive well-designed webpage designed by a Christian in Melbourne! (actually, the designer is well known to me).

St. Paul - German and English libretto/text to St. Paul (Paulus), an oratorio composed by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. As far as I can tell, this oratorio is infrequently performed or recorded these days. A good recording was made by EMI in 1977, it is now available on compact disk. Some recordings do not include an English text!

This `translation' was completed early in 2002. Also available is a PDF version and a Postscript (Extended Computer Modern Roman fonts) version. Please e-mail me regarding any errors.

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Link to East Kew Baptist site I am now worshiping with the English service at East Kew Baptist church/Melbourne Chinese Baptist Church (now located in Kew!). It also has Cantonese and Junior Youth services. In years gone by I have worshipped at various rural/regional Baptist churches, such as Traralgon & District Baptist Church, Moe Baptist and Bendigo Baptist.
The picture to the left is East Kew's old church building. They moved a few years ago to a location in Kew.

One church in the city which I occasionally attend is Swanston Street Church of Christ in Melbourne. In part due to the large student population of the inner city, much of the congregation consists of university students, particularly from south-east Asia. I used to attend a study group, the North Melbourne Cell Group, whose former participants are now spread across the world in a diaspora. The North Melbourne Cell Group page is maintained by my brother.

The size of the congregation is somewhat larger than the architects of the church building envisaged! Despite three services a day, space was at a premium. A very large hall was built under the apartment development!

Another prominent feature of Swanston Street Church of Christ is its extensive support of several missionary families.

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