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Belkin F5D-5050 USB Ethernet

This ethernet adapter is, to some extent, auto-detected but not auto-configured by SuSE 9.1. Start YaST, then choose `Network Devices -- Network Card'. In the `Network cards to configure', choose `Other (not detected)' then `Configure...'. Click on the `usb' checkbox at the bottom of the page. The `Device-Type' can remain at `Ethernet'. The `Configuration Name', in my case, was automatically cahnged to `bus-usb'. Click on `Next'. I used `automatic address setup (via DHCP)', but you may want to set the network address manually. You may need to re-start the network (with `/etc/rc.d/network restart' in a shell, logged in as root) for the network to start using the Belkin Ethernet device.

David Fong 2011-01-25