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World of Goo (HP 2740p)

Copy the config file from /opt/WorldofGoo/properties/config.txt to ~/.WorldOfGoo/

WorldOfGoo crashes unless you change

<env name=SDL_AUDIODRIVER value=auto overwrite=true /> 
so that `auto' becomes `dsp'. In my case, the error was...

/usr/bin/WorldOfGooDemo: line 30: 12600 Segmentation fault $BIN $@ 
For the touchscreen to work properly, I also needed to change the screen resolution in the config file.

<!- Graphics display ->

<param name=screen_width value=1280 />

<param name=screen_height value=800 /> 

WorldOfGoo (Linux) supports multitouch, and so does the HP 2740p, but I couldn't get multitouch to work. WorldOfGoo expects the Wacom driver to be on /dev/input/eventX, but the Wacom driver is on /dev/ttyS4 instead.

David Fong 2011-01-25