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Touchscreen, tablet-pen (Wacom) (HP Elitebook 2740p)

This is a surprise. It just works out of the box! There are very few multi-touch applications at the time of writing, however `add-a-finger = right-click' does work. In fact, despite at this time using Windows 7 for several hours (and trying to rotate/zoom a few pictures), I don't really know if multitouch works in Windows! Some of the two-touch gestures that I tried in some Windows applications didn't seem to do anything.

However, note that Wacom works better with xorg server 1.9, rather than version 1.8. By default openSuSE xorg-7.5 uses xorg server version 1.8. I downloaded xorg-7.6 (which uses xorg version 1.9) from openSuSE Xorg repository. Lubuntu(/Ubuntu) uses xorg version 1.9 by default (with xorg-7.5).

David Fong 2011-01-25