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SCSI adapter Advansys (Advanced System Products, Inc) ABP940-UW

There were no problems during the installation itself, but on subsequent reboots with the default kernel (kernel there are a series of error messages in /var/log/messages like...

Dec 26 20:47:29 linux-v8bq kernel: scsi 6:0:6:0: SCSI bus reset started...

Dec 26 20:47:32 linux-v8bq kernel: scsi 6:0:6:0: SCSI bus reset successful

Dec 26 20:47:42 linux-v8bq kernel: scsi 6:0:6:0: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery

Dec 26 20:47:48 linux-v8bq kernel: scsi 6:0:8:0: SCSI bus reset started...

Dec 26 20:47:51 linux-v8bq kernel: scsi 6:0:8:0: SCSI bus reset successful

Dec 26 20:48:31 linux-v8bq kernel: scsi 6:0:8:0: SCSI bus reset started... 

Dec 26 20:48:34 linux-v8bq kernel: scsi 6:0:8:0: SCSI bus reset successful 

Dec 26 20:48:44 linux-v8bq kernel: scsi 6:0:8:0: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery 

...this error process severely slows down the boot, and seems to slow down the entire system after the boot process and login is complete. These are attempts by the advansys module to scan each possible SCSI ID. This was painfully slow, and ultimately failed anyway. Something is broken with the way the advansys module interacts with the kernel, I reckon.

Add the boot option `brokenmodules=advansys'.

David Fong 2011-01-25