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Setting up a subversion repository on Windows

After my LaCie external USB drive failed, I shifted my subversion repository to Windows. A useful summary of setting up a subversion repository has been written by Ben Suter. Basically...

  1. Install subversion. The current version is 1.4.6. Install it.
  2. It was possible to create a dump from my old subversion repository, although the repository was not `active'. Use...`svnadmin dump \path\to\reponame > repo.dump'
  3. Create the new repository...svnadmin create \path\to\newreponame
  4. Import data from the dump...svnadmin load \path\to\reponame < repo.dump
  5. Change Window's subversion server into a 'service' so that it is started automatically, this technique works for versions of suppository 1.4.0 and above...

sc create SVNService binpath= ``\''c:\Program Files\Subversion\bin\svnserve.exe\'' -service -r c:\path\to\newreponame'' displayname= ``SVNService'' depend= Tcpip start= auto
Some things to note about the last command. The options include the equals `=' sign. So the option is `binpath=' not just `binpath', and the equals sign must be followed by a space. Because the program name path includes a space, it needs to be surrounded by double quotation marks, both of which are `escaped' with a backslash. svnserve.exe is started with -service, rather than a daemon option.

After a successful installation of the service, Windows reports `[SC] CreateService SUCCESS'. `sc' takes other arguments, and can be queried with commands like `sc query SVNService'. Also, the service can be seen through Control Panel -- Adminstrative Tools -- Services.

Next need to tell the local copies of the repositories the new location of the source repository.

svn switch -relocate svn://192.168.1.x/dfongDocuments svn://192.168.1.y/dfongDocuments
...where `x' and `y' describe the IP addresses.

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David Fong 2011-01-25