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Muramasa Synaptics touchpad

This is auto-detected with the default SuSE kernel.

When I built a new kernel ( or used the Alphagate 2.6.17 kernel, X refused to start with errors like...

(II) Synaptics touchpad driver version 0.14.4 (-1214198889)

Mouse[1] no synaptics event device found (checked 11 nodes)

Mouse[1] The /dev/input/event* device nodes seem to be missing

(***) Option ``Device'' ``/dev/input/mice''

(***) Option ``SHMConfig'' ``on''

Query no Synaptics: 6003C8

(EE) Mouse[1] no synpaptics touchpad detected and no repeater device

(II) UnloadModule: ``synaptics''

(WW) No core pointer registered

No core pointer

Fatal server error:

failed to initialize core devices

There is a helpful Gentoo Synaptics WIKI, as well as a Synaptics driver homepage. Using the command `cat /proc/bus/input/devices' shows that the Synaptics device has not been configured. The solution is to make sure that both the psmouse and evdev modules are loaded. Alternatively, start `YaST2 -- System -- /etc/sysconfig editor'. Go to `System -- Kernel'. Add evdev and psmouse to either INITRD_MODULES or MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT.

David Fong 2011-01-25