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Damaged (corrupt) storage cards

gaknutson55 (Yahoo! gallery) (Yahoo!, FZ10 forum, 29 April 2004) writes...

Q: I have a 128 megabyte card with a couple of hundred vacation pictures. When I tried to copy them to my computer with a reader, it only showed one picture! When I look through the camera viewer, I can see the pictures, but the reader isn't seeing them. Where can I take this card to recover the pictures?

A: Your problem is not unusual. There are several ways that cards can become damaged. By far the most common are a power failure in the camera or removal of the card while the power is on. Either can make the card unreadable.

Fortunately, pictures from such cards can usually be recovered. You can do it with software. Or you can have a recovery specialist do it.

One program that's available is Image Recall 2.0, at $39.95. This program is sold by FlashFixers. The company offers a trial version, which can recover just 10 pictures. You could try that, then order the full version if you like it.

Image Recall is available for Windows 98 through XP, and for Mac's OS X. If you have questions, FlashFixers offers advice at 888-834-9377. You can get more information at: Flashfixers.

If you're using a Lexar card, that company offers its own recovery software: Image Rescue 2.0. This program is available for Windows 2000 and XP, and Mac's OS 10.2 and later. I found it for as low as $30 on the Internet. LexarMedia is at:

A third possibility is BadCopy Pro, made by Jufsoft. This program is $39.50. A trial version is available from the company's site at:

There are also companies that rescue photos from bad cards. FlashFixers offers that service on its site. It charges $85, including shipping and handling, for a 128 megabyte card. There are other recovery firms that advertise on the Internet.

You could also check with local photo shops. If they don't do that work, they can probably make a local recommendation. There also is a state-by-state list of recovery shops on the LexarMedia site.
Merlin (Yahoo! FZ10 group, 30 April 2004) writes...

Or you could try the free image recovery utility posted in our group's {Yahoo FZ10} `files' section. {You need to me a member of the Yahoo! FZ10 group to access the Files section}.

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