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Chromatic aberration

Adrian Ashfield...

I have not found that reducing the aperture makes any appreciable {reduction to chromatic aberration. See [*]}.PanoTools. For information about chromatic aberration and how to fix see Correcting Distortion and Color Fringing by J. Brian Caldwell.

{Picture below `Blue Jay' by Adrian Ashfield. Taken with FZ10}

Blue Jay by Adrian Ashfield. Taken with FZ10

See Section [*] for a lot Panorama Tools links.

Alternatively, chromatic aberration can be manually removed with drawing software. After transferring the photograph to a computer you can manipulate the photograph with GIMP (a free Photoshop-like program). Look at Mike Larson's instructions. In summary, Mike Larson reduces the saturation of the offending colours, in his case a purple/blue/cyan fringe. He also made some changes to the hue of one colour. Another option is to reduce the saturation of any areas which show chromatic aberration (using masks).

David Fong 2009-09-04