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Initial settings menu (Locality)

David Wong `davwon' (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 30 March 2004) writes...

I found this step from my bro.

1. With the FZ10 in stand-by mode or power off, set the dail to `P' mode. then switch On the power while at the same time holding down the `^'(up) and `Burst Mode' buttons.

2. Switch the FZ10 to Playback mode, and press `^'(up) & the `Burst Mode' button at the same time. (You'll hear a beep) {only if the `beep' of your camera is turned on!)

3. Switch back to `P' Mode. Then turn off the power while pressing the `Menu' and `>'(right) button at the same time.

4. When the setting screen appears, use the `v'(down) button to select `USA'. Press `>'(right) to set.

The TV/LCD will now display whatever is shown in the FZ10 viewfinder or LCD screen {see [*]}.

Hope this will give FZ10 some extra point to be consider. ^_^
sinkenken (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 5 April 2004) follows up...

I have an FZ10 from Hong Kong which was set up in initial settings to JAPAN and did not display on my PAL TV what the camera was looking at in P mode. The first time I tried your step it didn't work, it wouldn't beep after step 2.

Then I did a standard reset of settings, P mode, menu button, page 2 of 3, reset. I then tried your reset to USA again. Yipee!!! I now can now also use my FZ10 as a video camera, plugged straight into my VCR. Thanks again David :) Hopes this helps someone else with the reset. Please also note that it reset my photo numbers to 100-0001.

{marko, on dpreview, also states that sinkenken's procedure works on his UK FZ10}
JackubKonecki (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 6 April 2004) also finds that a simpler procedure works...

I just need to perform step 3 to get initial settings on my FZ10. {I think Jackub has an FZ10 from Poland}.
My FZ10 was purchased in Japan. After having used my FZ10 for several months, just using step 3 works. Strangely, David Wong's 4-step method did not work. By mistake, I set it on the Japan setting, when I had intended to set the USA setting. So I tried the `reset' procedure again. However, this time I needed to use the full four-step procedure described by David Wong.

I have changed the inital settings of my own FZ10 several times now (just to test whether it can be done several times). I can confirm that in USA mode that video out during record mode is in NTSC, but the video out mode during playback can be set to either PAL or NTSC.

Further posts in the the same thread shows how the FZ10 can be disabled by pushing the wrong buttons. The situation can be resolved by removing and re-inserting the battery. Nevertheless, be careful!

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David Fong 2009-09-04