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2nd June 2006 -- Infra-red and the FZ30

26th February 2006 -- Make your own battery pack.

19th February 2006 -- Link to CameraShed in IR section (thanks Peter Guttman)

4th February 2006 -- Updated some information about FZ30

25th August 2005 -- Flying birds (Marion Will), FZ30 review, Sunstar (Laura Milholland)

2nd July 2005 -- ND filters

13th June 2005 -- Tom Arneberg's FZ20 page, includes Linux scripts. Black and white conversion. Janis Whitcomb's white balance comments.

10th May 2005 -- Imaging resource review of FZ20

1st May 2005 -- Australian Panasonic Lumix `Top Shot' forum. Shallow depth of field. Opening up the FZ10.

4th March 2005 -- 6T/Sigma macro (tchuanye). More shutter/aperture blade discussion.

3rd March 2005 -- MCON-40 (same as the B-Macro), shutter blades and aperture blades. Sigma Macro. `Fake' depth of field.

24th February 2005 -- More 5T/6T information. FZ20 remote internals. Ring light.

23rd January 2005 -- PTLens/clens barrel distortion correction tools. nzmacro macro tips.

22nd January 2005 -- FZ3 FAQ. SLR lenses for macro photography.

21st January 2005 -- `Unmanipulated' images.

17th January 2005 -- Sunpak 383 settings (Paul Milholland).

11th January 2005 -- battery charging correction. Powergears battery charger. Photographing birds. Corrected tiltable display link.

9th January 2005 -- astrophotography limitations. Phayee web-site. DCResource forum.

8th January 2005 -- corrected some web-links. Dealing with bright daylight lighting conditions (loss of highlights). Photomatix

5th January 2005 -- PanasonicFZ (French) guide. Corrected link to Cédric Trojani. Image Stacker.

3rd January 2005 -- Astro-photography update. Blurred photographs when using flash in `preset' mode. Sunpak 383. Cokin ring flash.

2nd January 2005 -- Warm colour balance when using flash. Stop-motion water drop photographs. Updated FZ1 FAQ link. `System error'

1st November 2004 -- Scopetronix telescope adapter. FZ20 reviews.

30th October 2004 -- corrected information regarding circular and linear polarizers.

29th October 2004 -- combining exposure-bracketed images. Link updates. Lunar eclipse

24th October 2004 -- Lots of polarizer information. Eric Cheng's infra-red page. Red-dot sight system. Paintings. Stacking photographs. Noise.

19th September 2004 -- Histogram link.

11th September 2004 -- Updated links for Klaas Bloem.

29th August 2004 -- Updated links for Phayee adapter. Photosolve adapter.

8th August 2004 -- Stabilised camera comparison. FZ3/15/20 information.

14th July 2004 -- Fuji 1.5x converter. FZ10 body composition.

12th July 2004 -- CK's digital camera page, external flash and the FZ10.

9th July 2004 -- FZ10 3D models

4th July 2004 -- Panning hints. Pete's comparative review. Fireworks

27th June 2004 -- Initial settings correction and update.

26th June 2004 -- SLR definition update. P mode and external flash. Metz flash list. Anti-condensation bag. Lens cleaning. Fixed link to Steve's forums. OIS and magnetic fields. CK's digital camera FZ10 user guide. Updated information and corrected link in Phayee adapter. Loss of highlights.

25th June 2004 -- Pemaraal adapters update. Flash trigger voltage update. Exposure value. Indoor sports photography. PCMag comparison. Aperture and speed setting when using flash.

24th June 2004 -- Changing initial settings (locality). Updated video-out during record mode. Updated information regarding Yoshida and Pemaraal adapters. Auto-review oddity. Phayee barrel adapter. Updated NoiseFilter information. Photographing paintings. Photofiltre, update to barrel distortion section. Aperture and sharpness. Tiltable LCD display. Panoramic tripod head.

17th June 2004 -- Flash and telephoto zoom (Project-a-flash). Barrel distortion definition. Nikon 6T macro lens. Updated Yahoo! FZ10 group gallery `Picture of the Week' link. Panorama Factory information updated.

30th May 2004 -- Barrel distortion removal. Focus ring scale. Video out during record mode.

26th May 2004 -- review

2nd May 2004 -- damaged SD card file recovery. Harold Owen's experience with the Canon AE-1A eyecup. Auto-focus difficulty if camera not horizontal. Stopping the `indrawing' of the lens internal elements when the camera is turned on. Extensive additions of pictures from galleries (Permission needs to requested or re-requested, though!)

27th April 2004 -- poor sharpness

26th April 2004 -- minimum shutter speed and aperture. more IR tips.

25th April 2004 -- magnifying glass.

12th April 2004 -- TCON-300. TL55 (3.0x variant).

9th April 2004 -- 18% reflectance grey card for white balance. Picture Window Pro. Attaching the eye-cup to the FZ10. SD card (speed). Long shutter lag times. Using the DPS9000 to recharge a Zaurus SL-5500.

8th April 2004 -- rubber pipe eyecup. Sunsets.

6th April 2004 -- FZ10 vibration when turned on. Soft auto-focus when using spot-metering.

5th April 2004 -- spot metering (Vernon Rogers).

4th April 2004 -- Yahoo! FZ10 group gallery. Hot mirror. Minimum focussing distance. Focussing at close range. Manual focussing (Janis Whitcomb)

27th March 2004 -- Ray's eyecup experiences. Harold Owen's spot-metering hints. Strat's string monopod. Wayne Lipe's settings and post-processing notes. Holding the camera steady when using the back-panel LCD.

25th March 2004 -- More depth of field explanation. Pre-flash. Update link to DMC FZ One FAQ. USB Mass Storage and Linux.

24th March 2004 -- Panasonic Japan FZ10 manual. Scopetronix, arlee's comments regarding astro-photography. Helicon.

21st March 2004 -- Manual focussing (Scott). `IR effects'

20th March 2004 -- Telescope adapters (maybe?). Some notes about telephoto adapters, and wide-angle adapters. Moved flash settings to settings section. Explanation of aperture diaphragm noise when shutter release button is half-depressed. Manual focussing.

19th March 2004 -- Another moon tip (blue sky).

18th March 2004 -- Thomas Mussio's gallery. Olympus B-Macro/Raynox Macro-Explorer comparison. Raynox macro-explorer notes. Picture of Nikon eyecup. Telescope eyepiece (an an eyecup). Macro-mode and f-8. Firmware version (additional notes).

17th March 2004 -- Using the self-timer to reduce camera shake. Focus Magic.

14th March 2004 -- Susan `FluziSuzi' indoor concert photographs.

13th March 2004 -- Sima SL-9 focus assist lamp. Baseball/softball hints and shots. Wein Safe-Sync. Pre-flash and slave flash. How does the FZ10 know an external flash is present? Definition of SLR.

11th March 2004 -- holding a camera steady. moon photography changes. `Jan in CA' macro-gallery.

10th March 2004 -- LCD screen protectors

9th March 2004 -- cafe image (1-second hand-held, unable to contact photographer!), added definition to EV (exposure value)

8th March 2004 -- image of Panasonic DMC FZ-10 (from Panasonic web-site). Raynox Macro Explorer example shots (Joanne). Exif Reader. Crazyhorse DPS9000 photographs.

7th March 2004 -- Many, many changes. Thanks to Adrian Ashfield for many comments and suggestions (mainly noise reduction, chromatic aberration, PanoramaTools, flash information and some other odds and ends). Origin of the `fluzi' term (thanks to Erasmus41). Canon TL-55 test shots.

6th March 2004 -- 'Concerts' in subject matter. Neat Image. Tele-converter history (B300, TCON-17 etc.).

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