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Barrel distortion

Harold Owen {Yahoo!, FZ10 group, 8 May 2004)...

(a question from Janis) `I don't know if that is the right term, but verticals on the edges of the image get bent or tilted towards the center...I can watch through the camera {i.e. through the viewfinder, not just the recorded image} `strong' glasses!} As I look up in a room, the walls bend in.'

This happens particularly with wide-angle lenses and in some cases standard lenses depending on the subject but can easily be corrected in imaging programs, {such as} PhotoFiltre...{see also Section [*]}

If you look at images particularly of building you will see this converging effect, there are some very fancy lenses with `movements' which allow you to eliminate this effect at the picture taking stage.

The cost of these lenses is prohibitive unless you are specialising in architectural images.

David Fong 2009-09-04