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LCD screen protector

Chris `Effzeeone' (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 9 March 2004)...

Although I can understand that you want to try to protect the LCD area, the actual LCD panel on at least the Panasonic FZ series (if not the entire line of Panasonic digicams) is already protected with the piece of plastic. Older Sony cameras (and some other namebrands), especially the ones that have the flip-out displays similar to a camcorder, typically do not have any protection over the actual LCD screen. You can actually press on the LCD screen and distort the display. This is why a lot of folks will buy a hardshell/plastic protector for their LCD panel on those types of cameras.
However, some of us want to protect the piece of plastic which protects the LCD. Also, those of us who use the EVF display will often have our face/nose pressing against the EVF, leaving behind our skin oil! Which then might look a little unsightly if then show our photographs to our friends and relatives through the LCD display (or otherwise have an obsessive personality).

Charlie Howard (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 5 March 2004)...

Inexpensive PDA protectors from Radio Shack worked just fine for me. The part# is 250-0932 (for Compaq IPAQ 3600 and Casio Cassiopeia E-115/E-125). The package was about $5-6 and came with a small stiff plastic squeegie that eliminated all air bubbles.

I cut the protector to be slightly oversized, cleaned the LCD with a Lens Pen and lens cloth, and applied the protector from one side to the other, pushing it in place with the squeegie. There were a couple of bubbles, so I lifted part of the protector back up & pressed it down again until the bubbles were gone.

{Picture below taken by Charlie Howard with FZ10 and a pair of binoculars!}

Picture by Charlie Howard taken with FZ10

Eddy `eddy2099' (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 9 March 2004)...

Da Protector JR...seems to be good. I have been happy with it with my other two cameras. The PDA protectors are too thin I use them just for my PDA but it does not really offer much protection. The Da Protector JR is made exclusively for digital cameras and it does not distort anything or create any bubbles since it is solid acrylic.
GeorgeM (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 10 March 2004)...

To avoid bubbles one has to not only clean LCD with the lens cleaner, but blow away any tiny dust particles and be careful not to get them from the air. These particles actually create bubbles which is almost impossible to remove. I was successful only with 3rd attempt...

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