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Telescope adapters

gil `art(less)' mentioned on the dpreview Panasonic forum that telescope adapters are available for digital cameras, and something may be suitable with the FZ10, at

arlee (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 22 March 2004) suggested a suitable telescope adapter might be found at ScopeTronix under digiscoping/birding.

Scopetronix (alternate link) -- Panasonic FZ10/20 specific adapters for 2 inch telescope eyepieces. Scopetronix also make adapters for many other digital cameras. Steve Thuman Steve Thumn (Yahoo!, FZ10 group, 29 December 2004)...

I have tried using {my FZ10} with my Meade ETX 90 {telescope}. It didn't work very well. The glass lens in the eyepieces of the Meade eyepieces is set back a ways, so I wasn't able to get the FZ lens close enough to it. And I got a huge amount of vignetting. I used the Digi-T adapter from Scopetronics.

David Fong 2009-09-04