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At the time of writing (June 2004), these adapters are hard to get. They were made in China, and being sold throughe-bay (search for `jinfinance', or perhaps `phayee'), or try Phayee web-site (in Chinese). As far as I can tell, adapters MAY be the same as those described on this web-page or Chen Ming-Shan's web-page (also in Chinese). You can find some photographs on Klaas Bloem's web-site.

Harold Owen (dpreview, Panasonic forum, 11 June 2004) writes (and provides photographs)...

On first examination the exterior of the adapter is not unlike the original Panasonic FZ10 except that the one is a two-section adapter and the detachable section appears to have a 72mm thread at one end.

It would also appear that the detachable section acts as a token lens hood if you unscrew it you are then left with the main part of the adapter which has a 62mm thread which will allow you to attach filters etc. You can then just add for instance a 62mm UV filter then reattach the detached portion of the adapter and you have an instant lens hood.

The confusion regarding the fact that 62mm and 67mm petal lens hoods could be attached to the adapter is easily understood I also was totally confused until receiving the adapter!

The 62mm lens hood does not actually fit the adapter itself, you need to have a 62mm filter fitted then the lenshood is a 'push-fit' on the filter and is secured by a thumb screw.

The 67mm filter fits the exposed threads on the adapter that are normally used for attaching the detachable section of the adapter.

Once again the 67mm lens hood is a push fit and no damage can be caused to the thread as the lens hood has a rubber insert where the lens hood attaches to the adapter, you then use the lens hood thumb screw to fix the petal shaped hood in the desired position.

As regards quality the adapter is well made and fits the FZ10 well and is a good buy if you do not wish to go the Yoshida or Peramaal route, although aesthetically I prefer the Yoshida and Peramaal.

I am pleased with the petal lens hoods as I can also use them on my film camera as well due to their fixing method, the only problem is that it would be quite easy to lose the thumb screw so will be using a piece of tape over the thumb screw once the lens hood is secured in place.

The hoods are plastic with a metal mount which is a matt black although I can see the odd spot of metal showing through the matt black paint although it is just a case of touching up the matt black paint. There is a rubber insert fitted in the metal mount to ensure a good fit on either filter or adapter and also it will ensure that neither is marked when fitting the hood.

Overall the items purchased off eBay are for me at least good value for money and the adapter is capable of being used with filters and add-on lenses.

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David Fong 2009-09-04