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Yoshida's adapters

Yoshida's thread size adapters. Metal adapters to 55, 58 and 62 mm. Additional photographs of the adapter were posted by Gus Stangeland on dpreview Panasonic forum (Section [*]). You can also look at some test shots by Jimmie Burton with a TCON14 and B300 telephoto adapters.

These adapters attach to the FZ10 in the same way as Panasonic's own lens hood (which comes with the camera). The front ring is removed (screwed off) from the camera's lens barrel and replaced with the adapter.

Do adapters cause vignetting with teleconverters? Apparantly vignetting is not an issue beyond 6x zoom. Some people write that the 1055 connector makes no difference to any photographs taken, regardless of zoom or even flash usage.

David Fong 2009-09-04